18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

When you are seriously hurt in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you may be feeling the effects of it for years to come. To make sure you get the compensation you deserve, it is important that you hire the right 18 wheeler accident lawyer. Call Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Hector Longoria for a free consultation.

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18 wheeler crashes can be very devastating, considering the fact that these tractor trailers can carry up to 80,000 pounds. After a tractor trailer accident, I tell clients that they need to get an 18 wheeler accident lawyer immediately. Insurance companies and the tractor trailer companies are already on the scene, trying to do all things necessary to protect their interest. I tell clients they need somebody to protect their interests, preserve that evidence, and make sure that they don’t provide information that’s unnecessary to the insurance company or the trucking company. That’s why I say go get a lawyer as fast as possible.

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Out of Town Legal Resources

We get a lot of calls from people who get injured in truck accidents in other areas of the country. We primarily help people that are injured in Texas. That said, we are constantly looking for attorneys and online resources that can help people across the country. We found this personal injury firm in Buffalo, NY that created a lot of great online resources. If you are ever injured in a truck wreck in New York check out their online truck accident resources.