Damages Available in Tractor Trailer Accidents

If you were in an accident involving an 18 wheeler, you may be wondering about the damages available in tractor trailer accidents. Learn more about how you can get compensated for your injuries by watching this video. Still have questions? Call today for a free consultation with an experienced Houston Truck Accident Attorney.

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Before we start a lawsuit, we sit down with our clients and talk to them about the damages available in tractor trailer accidents against the driver and company for the injuries they caused. Each case is different and special. Some people will have lost wages. Other people will have what’s called loss of consortium because the injuries they suffered are so severe that it actually hurts their spouse. We have the mental anguish involved with having to deal with all the injuries that one suffers. We have the physical impairments, limitations caused by the injuries. There are a lot of damages that we have to access to make sure that we can bring it before the judge and jury if necessary and go seek the tractor trailer accident compensation.

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