Suing a Trucking Company

After an accident that left you seriously hurt, you might be wondering how you can go about suing a trucking company for the compensation you deserve. Experienced Houston Truck Accident Attorney Hector Longoria walks you through what you need to know in this video. If you want to learn more, call today for a free consultation!

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When I bring a lawsuit involving a tractor trailer crash, I often have clients who are curious about suing a trucking company after an accident. What I tell them is that we typically sue the defendant driver for violating the driving safety rules, but we also sue the trucking company that employed him and that gave him the truck that should have been maintained properly. That is because they should have done a background check on him before they gave him the truck. The trucking company is always responsible for the negligent acts of their drivers. Those are just two of potentially many more people that we can sue involved with the trucking company who can be held accountable and responsible for the negligent acts that caused the crash.

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