Burn Injury Lawsuits in Texas

Burn Injury Lawsuits in Texas

Burn Injury Lawsuits in Texas

Burn Injury Lawsuits in TexasBurn injury lawsuits in Texas are more common than you might think. Because of the high temperatures, fires can occur rather frequently. But many burn injury lawsuits in Texas result from factors such as electricity, chemicals, and radiation. And, often, this occurs due to someone else’s negligence. Contact the Longoria Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation and receive the compensation you deserve.

Burn Injury Lawsuits in Texas | Causes

Burn injuries fall into seven main categories: chemical, contact, electrical, flame, flash, radiation, and scald. Of these, only contact burns, flame burns, flash burns, and scalds, also known collectively as thermal burns, stem from exposure to a high temperature.

  • Thermal burns can occur when a person touches hot plastic or metal, when clothes catch on fire, when gasoline ignites and explodes, or when hot beverages spill on exposed skin.
  • Chemical burns are unrelated to heat, and these injuries result instead when a person comes in contact with an alkaline substance, such as bleach, or a strong acid.
  • Electrical burns can affect internal organs, as an electrical current can run through a person’s body and cause major damage from head to toe.
  • Radiation burns, also called radiological burns, can result from extended exposure to ultraviolet light, X-rays, and similar forms of radioactive sources.

Burn Injury Lawsuits in Texas | Contact a Lawyer to File an Injury Claim

No one should have to suffer from serious burns, and a burn that happened as the result of someone else’s negligence merely adds insult to injury. The guidance of a Houston burn injury lawyer can be instrumental in helping you to receive compensation following your trauma. Experienced Houston burn injury lawyer Hector Longoria has years of experience helping clients throughout Texas seek the justice that they deserve. If you are actively seeking attorney representation or merely want a consultation, contact our law firm today for support in your case. Start protecting your rights now.

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