Bus Accident Statistics

Bus Accident Statistics

Bus Accident Statistics

Just because bus accidents in Houston are less common than most other vehicular collisions, it doesn’t mean that this type of accident is unprecedented. Here is some information on Houston bus accident statistics, and how a lawyer can help you recover compensation if you have been injured after a crash.

Bus Accident Statistics | Background Info

The Greater Houston metro area is home to dozens of bus routes, all managed by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO). With METRO Rail still in the process of expanding its routes, METRO Bus is the go-to mode of public transit for most commuters across Houston and its suburbs. In addition, Houston’s many school districts rely heavily on familiar yellow buses to carry students from pre-school to high school across the city to their schools five days per week. Residents of Greater Houston, regardless of age, count on local bus services for speedy and safe transportation, and bus-related accidents in the metro area make up a small fraction of all vehicle accidents each year.

In 2016, throughout the state of Texas, there were almost 3000 bus crashes, 18 of which were fatal for at least one passenger. School bus crashes were less common, but Texas was still home to over 1300 such accidents, six of which resulted in death. These statistics cannot hold a candle to the hundreds of thousands of car and truck accidents in the state each year, but bus accidents can still prove to be major, life-threatening disasters. Whether the vehicle involved in the accident was a school bus, a commuter shuttle, or an interstate motor coach, prompt legal action is necessary in order for survivors to receive compensation.

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Bus Accident Statistics | Hiring an Attorney

In the aftermath of a bus accident, your personal injury attorney will benefit from any information that you can provide about the accident itself, the bus, the driver, your injuries, and all other elements pertaining to the event. Your attorney’s role does not end there; the next step would be to prove liability in the accident, and this is the most critical part of every bus accident case. You can help your attorney by offering the contact information of any witnesses to the accident. One of our personal injury attorneys would likely hire an expert to inspect the bus and all other vehicles involved in the accident, and the bus’s maintenance logs could merit an in-depth review. All this evidence together can strengthen the case and influence a ruling in favor of the injured parties.

If you have any questions regarding your legal rights, please contact our experienced Houston bus accident lawyers today to schedule your free consultation.