Construction Accident Workers’ Compensation

Construction Accident Workers’ Compensation

Construction Accident Workers’ CompensationWas your life turned upside down because you were seriously injured in a construction accident? You may be feeling scared that you can no longer provide financially. Houston attorney Hector Longoria explains construction accident workers’ compensation.

Construction Accident Workers’ Compensation | Entitled Benefits

I had a potential client come in the other day wondering what construction accident benefits were available to them after being seriously injured at a job site. The first thing that’s important is that there may be Workers’ Compensation. If there’s not Workers’ Compensation, then there are potentially other remedies available to them. If you are hoping to understand the construction accident benefits you can get, it is important that you come in and see me so that we can investigate all the potential remedies available to you for the injuries you sustained on the construction site.

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Construction Accident Workers’ Compensation | Workers’ Comp Eligibility

Workers’ Compensation is Texas law. Employers are required to have workers’ compensation for the injuries a worker has at a job site or job location, but that doesn’t mean that there are no other remedies that are available to the worker for the injuries they sustained. It’s important that they meet with a lawyer to try and determine not only whether there’s Workers’ Compensation, but other remedies that are afforded under Texas law.

Construction Accident Workers’ Compensation | Employer Doesn’t Carry Workers’ Comp

Texas law allows that worker to potentially sue his employer for an unsafe work environment and other negligent actions which caused or contributed to causing that workers injuries. It’s important you meet with a lawyer to help identify those issues.

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