Filing a Bus Accident Claim

Filing a Bus Accident Claim

Filing a Bus Accident ClaimBeing involved in a bus accident can be terrifying. The injuries you sustain can leave you wanting compensation. Here is what you need to know about filing a bus accident claim.

Filing a Bus Accident Claim | Time Limits

If a client comes in and they’re involved in a bus crash, we want to look at whether a municipality was involved. A municipality can include the city, to county, the state, or some other private bus company. Making the claim immediately is important for two reasons. One, to preserve people’s right if it involves a government entity.  Or two, preserving the evidence that the other party may have. We want to get involved as early as possible so that we can do the things necessary to protect the client’s interest.

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Filing a Bus Accident Claim | How to Do It

When a client comes in and is interested in filing a bus injury claim, we want to immediately identify who the defendant driver was, and who the defendant owner of the bus was, so that we can put them on notice. Secondly, start preserving the evidence necessary to show the negligence that caused that crash. Once we have that, we decide whether we need to file a suit or just maintain the claim until we can identify, with greater specificity, the damages to make it.

Filing a Bus Accident Claim | Liable Parties in a Crash

When a client is involved in a crash as a passenger on a bus, we always look towards the chauffeur and the bus company. We want to look at whether the chauffeur should have been hired, and whether or not there were policies and procedures in place to have protected the passenger from a negligent chauffeur driver of the bus.  We thoroughly look in to the possible liable parties in a bus accident claim to find out who is responsible for our client’s injuries.

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