Injured in a Bus Accident

Injured in a Bus Accident

Were you seriously injured in a crash? This educational video discusses what you need to know about a bus accident injury and how we can help fight for the compensation you deserve. Experienced Houston injury lawyer Hector Longoria has handled many cases just like yours and will fight for you. Call today for a free consultation.

When clients who have been injured in a crash with a bus come in, the first question I ask is, “Was it a municipality?” Municipalities, such as cities or counties, have special notices that they must receive in order to maintain a claim when their buses are involved in crashes.

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If you don’t submit your claim within the required time period, you could lose the right to go after them. The first thing I would tell people after they’ve been injured in a bus accident is to meet with an attorney, so they can protect your rights and identify who that bus carrier is.

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I talked to a woman last week who was concerned about medical bills piling up while waiting on her bus accident settlement. Sometimes a good option is a pre-suit cash advance, which can help you keep up with your bills until your settlement is paid. We found this litigation funding company in Florida that did a great job with their online resources. If you were injured in a bus accident take a look at their online bus accident cash advance resources.