Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety TipsDriving a motorcycle is often considered an inherently dangerous activity due to the far greater risk of injury it presents when compared to other vehicles on the road. Hector Longoria is a skilled and experienced Houston motorcycle accident lawyer and can help you get the legal compensation you’re entitled to should you get into an accident. But the best scenario for Texas motorcyclists is to avoid the motorcycle accident in the first place. You can reduce your risk by following these motorcycle safety tips.

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Motorcycle Safety Tips | Proper Equipment

Even though many states in the United States don’t require helmets by law (you only need a helmet in Texas if you are under the age of 21), it is always best to take these extra precautions. Safety equipment, such as a helmet, jacket, gloves, and protective pants, can very well save your life. In the event that a motorcyclist is involved in a collision, a leather jacket and protective pants will greatly reduce scrapes and burns from the road. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Motorcycle Safety Tips | Defensive Driving

When riding a motorcycle, always ride defensively and never assume another driver can see you. Many crashes happen because the other driver fails to notice the motorcycle. Therefore, it is important to ride with your headlight on. Do not speed, and always keep in the left or right part of your lane. The center of a lane is more likely to have debris that could cause a crash. Always keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles.

Motorcycle Safety Tips | Make Sure You Are Prepared

Before even considering buying and riding a motorcycle, it is recommended that you first take a motorcycle safety course. Make sure you motorcycle is in safe operating condition and only ride a bike that you can properly handle. A bike with anti-lock brakes will greatly reduce the risk of crashing. Lastly, try to avoid being on the road during inclement weather.

We hope these motorcycle safety tips will prove helpful. If you are ever injured in an accident in Texas, please contact experienced Houston motorcycle accident lawyer Hector Longoria to schedule a free consultation.