Partial Fault Bus Accident

Partial Fault Bus Accident

Partial Fault Bus Accident

Partial Fault Bus AccidentThe norm for bus accidents is usually that the bus driver will be liable for the collision. However, that is not always the case. Other drivers and even pedestrians may share some responsibility for causing the crash, and serious, often fatal injuries may be sustained. If you were involved in a partial fault bus accident and want to know if you can still recover compensation, please contact our office today to schedule a free consultation with our experienced Houston attorneys. We are here to help.

Partial Fault Bus Accident | Other Drivers

If the driver of a car is at-fault for a bus accident, an attorney will have to approach this type of collision differently. Passenger vehicle drivers who do not respect the rules of the road can contribute to the risk of an accident. Cutting in front of a bus, refusing to stop when a bus is making a turn, and inadvertently hiding in the bus driver’s blind spots are all unsafe actions, and even the most experienced bus drivers may find it impossible to come to a stop under these circumstances. Because the bus driver may not be considered at fault in examples such as these, you may not be entitled to receive compensation. However, if you were a passenger on the bus when a car crashed into it and you sustained injuries, your attorney may consider pursuing the driver of the other vehicle in your case.

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Partial Fault Bus Accident | Bus Driver Liability

It is highly unusual for a passenger or a pedestrian to be at fault in a bus accident. Far more often than not, the blame lies with the bus driver, the driver of the other vehicle involved in the crash, the company that owns the bus, the bus’s manufacturer, or even the school district that manages the bus route. Much like truck-related accidents, bus accidents can happen when drivers do not check their blind spots and do not see nearby cars and other vehicles. Bus drivers may neglect to do this if they are in the middle of a long shift. Inclement weather may play a role in reducing visibility. Distracted driving is also a common culprit; carrying on a conversation and exchanging text messages both increase the likelihood of an accident. If your attorney can prove that the bus driver was overworked, unable to deal with adverse weather conditions, or simply not paying proper attention, you may very well be entitled to damages in your lawsuit.

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