Possible Industrial Accidents

Possible Industrial Accidents

Possible Industrial Accidents

Possible Industrial AccidentsIndustrial work is dangerous, yet necessary to run society as we know it today. No one understands this more than the Houston law firm of Hector Longoria, P.C. Here is some information on possible industrial accidents and how you can receive compensation if you’ve been seriously injured.

Possible Industrial Accidents | Background

Working in a warehouse, on a construction site, at a chemical plant or at an oil refinery can sometimes lead to a worker experiencing devastating injuries or even death. Most of the time, the workers stay safe, thanks to a network of state and federal laws, as well as company policies aimed to protect the workers. But sometimes accidents happen, and workers may be exposed to risks that no one yet knows about or understands. Other times, companies simply don’t care if their workers get hurt or sick. And on a few unfortunate occasions, a company decides that it’s simply cheaper to replace an injured or dead worker rather than keep an existing worker safe.

Regardless of the employer’s culpability with respect to a worker’s injury, the worker is now injured and out of work. At best, the injuries are minor and fully covered by insurance, with a minimal or drop in income for the worker and his or her family during recovery. In other situations, the injuries are far more serious, such as life-threatening cancer due to exposure to toxins or chemicals or severe injury as a result of a scaffolding collapse, explosion or defective work equipment.

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Possible Industrial Accidents | Types

Basically, if the laws of physics allow for it, it can happen. Some of the more common accidents that can occur in the industrial setting include:

  • Fire.
  • Falling objects, materials or equipment.
  • Explosions.
  • Falls.
  • Structural collapse, such as with scaffolding or in a warehouse.
  • The slow or catastrophic release of chemicals or toxins.

Possible Industrial Accidents | Available Compensation

The first line of recovery lies with workers’ compensation. Regardless of who is responsible for causing the injury, workers’ compensation allows the industrial worker to receive the necessary medical care to recover. This is paid for by the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. If the worker has to miss work, they may also receive loss of income payments until they can return to work.

While many workplace accidents limit the industrial worker to only workers’ compensation payments, additional legal compensation may be possible through civil litigation and suing the party responsible for causing the injury. However, a consultation with a Houston industrial accident lawyer is critical for making this determination. And even if an individual is limited to just workers’ compensation payments, insurance companies and employers are notorious for withholding benefits from workers or retaliating against them for filing a workers’ compensation claim. This often requires the worker to hire an attorney to help get the full workers’ compensation they deserve or take advantage of the available legal recourse for any retaliation.

If you have been seriously injured in an industrial accident, please contact our experienced Houston industrial accident lawyers today for a free consultation.