Statute of Limitations for a Texas Injury Claim

Statute of Limitations for a Texas Injury Claim

Statute of Limitations for a Texas Injury ClaimIf you have been seriously injured in an accident in Texas, you only have a certain amount of time in which to file a personal injury claim. Contact our experienced Houston attorneys if you have any questions or need legal aid. Here is some information on the statute of limitations for Texas injury claim.

Statute of Limitations for a Texas Injury Claim | Timeline

In Texas, an injured party generally has a two-year window following their injuries to pursue their claim against the at-fault party. This time frame is called a statute of limitations. If the party does not pursue their case within that time period, their claim is permanently time-barred, meaning they can no longer pursue a recovery for their injuries. Notwithstanding the two-year statute of limitations, which applies in most cases, if the at-fault party is governmental entity such as a town, city, school district, or law enforcement agency, the statute of limitations is only six months. While these time periods may sound long, in legal time they are actually very short. An injured party should contact a Houston injury attorney to ensure that all of the relevant filing deadlines are timely met so as not to run afoul of any statutes of limitations.

Statute of Limitations for a Texas Injury Claim | File as Soon as Possible

An injured party should also pursue their case as soon as possible to ensure the preservation of valuable physical evidence and vital witness testimony. As time elapses, physical evidence has a way of disappearing. Video footage capturing the accident may get lost or erased, accident scenes can change over time and damaged property may get thrown away or tossed aside. Similarly, people’s memories often fade, and witnesses’ memories can become hazy and forgetful about key facts that could be essential to the case. It is paramount that the injured party contact an attorney immediately so that no critical case evidence is lost.

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When you retain our services, we begin investigating your case that day. We conduct an extensive investigation of your accident to ensure that all necessary evidence is preserved and that nothing important is lost. We will immediately interview all relevant witnesses, law enforcement officers, and first responders who may have been present at the accident scene, and we often take recorded statements so that their testimony is preserved to benefit your case. We will immediately send letters of representation to the at-fault parties and their insurance carriers notifying them of your claim. This shields you from any future direct contact with them, as often times insurance representatives attempt to communicate with unrepresented parties in order to take advantage of them by denying their claim or paying out far less than what the claim is truly worth.

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