Steps After a Boating Accident

Steps After a Boating Accident

Steps After a Boating Accident

Steps After a Boating AccidentWere you or a loved one injured while boating in Texas? Our experienced Houston boat accident attorney discusses steps after a boating accident. Here is what you need to know.

Steps After a Boating Accident | Common Injuries

Compared to automobiles accidents, there is a relatively smaller number of boating accidents and fatalities. However, the vast majority of boating accidents are preventable. Most accidents involve lack of operator experience, carelessness, speeding, lack of attention, alcohol or a combination of several of those reasons. Additionally, many accidents that would only result in minor injury on land, can easily result in serious injury or death when involving a boat on the water.

For example, drowning is a real possibility anytime someone rides a boat and it only takes a few minutes of lack of oxygen for permanent brain damage to occur. Just a few minutes of unconsciousness underwater can easily lead to death or a lifetime or medical care due to severe brain injury. If a boater is lucky enough to fully recover from a boating accident, they may still have to deal with broken bones, lacerations and burns.

Steps After a Boating Accident | Types of Accidents

There are probably as many ways to get hurt in a boat as there are types of boats on the water. However, some of the most common types of boating accidents include:

  • Drowning.
  • Collisions with other boats or structure within the water, like a dock.
  • Getting hit by a boat while swimming.
  • Burns due to fire.
  • The malfunction of defective boating equipment or the boat itself.

Steps After a Boating Accident | What to Do

If you become involved in an accident while operating a boat, Section 31.104 of the Parks and Wildlife Code requires that you provide assistance to those who might be injured and to minimize danger to others. You are also required to provide your contact information to anyone who was injured in the accident or whose property was damaged.

If the accident results in any injury, or property damage amounting to $2,000 or more, Section 31.105 states that you must also report the accident to a law enforcement agency or the Texas Parks and Wildlife within 30 days from the date of the accident. If the accident results in death, you must report it within 48 hours of the person dying.

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