Car Accident Involving An Uninsured Motorist

Uninsured Motorist Houston Car Accident Lawyer Free Consultation

I had a client come in the other day, and she was very concerned because at the crash scene, the other defendant driver who caused the crash, didn’t have insurance. She was really scared that she wasn’t going to be compensated for the injuries she sustained, both to her car and to her body because the accident involved an uninsured motorist. Investigation is an essential element for each and every case. We have to dig a little bit deeper and try to see if that person does have insurance.

Uninsured Motorist Houston Car Accident Lawyer Free Consultation

Additionally, people sometimes carry full coverage, which means that they have what is called uninsured and underinsured insurance on their car. In the case of the aforementioned client, where the defendant, in fact, did not have insurance, the client themselves had insurance to cover those circumstance where they crash with an uninsured motorist. Again, it’s important that we look at every case to try to find the insurance policy that will provide that coverage for the injuries that a client sustained. 

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