What Can I Do to Treat a Burn Injury?

What Can I Do to Treat a Burn Injury

What Can I Do to Treat a Burn Injury“What can I do to treat a burn injury?” With proper medical attention, the survival rate among people who suffer from burns is almost 97 percent. The American Burn Association highly recommends that anyone injured seek help from a doctor or a hospital as soon as possible. Though seeking medical attention is the highest priority after an injury, it is also important to recognize the signs and symptoms.

Recognize the Signs and Symptoms

If your skin is red and painful to the touch, it is likely that you have developed first-degree burns. This degree of burn is limited to the outermost layer of skin, and as such, these burns can usually heal within a few days after the injury. First-degree burns that cover much of the body warrant attention from a doctor but burns that are smaller in size can benefit from home remedies involving cool compresses and sterile bandages. Sunburn is a common and easily recognizable first-degree radiation burn, and though Texas is one of the states with the lowest risk of skin cancer, Houston’s residents should keep the sunscreen handy.

Second-Degree Burn Injury

Second-degree burns require medical attention, and unlike first-degree burns, these burns should not be treated by anyone other than health professionals. This type of burn can manifest as blisters or deep red skin, and there may be severe pain and even some skin loss. Third- and fourth-degree burns may be painless but sustaining either type of burn can result in permanent disfigurement. Only care from an emergency medical technician or doctor will prevent further complications.

Contact an Attorney if Your Burn Injury Was Caused by Someone Else’s Negligence

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