What to Do After a Construction Accident

When you are injured in an accident, you may be wondering what happens next. This video answers the question of what to do after a construction accident. Houston injury lawyer Hector Longoria has handled many construction injury cases like yours. Call today for a free consultation. Let his experience work for you.

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I had a potential client come in the other day who had been injured at a construction site, and they asked me what to do after a construction accident. The most important thing they did first was to go seek that medical care and treatment for the injuries they sustained. The second important thing they did was to come see me, so I could protect their rights for the injuries that they suffered. These are the necessary steps to take following a construction accident in order to have a better claim.

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Out of Town Legal Resources

Many times we hear from people injured in other areas of the country. While we don’t practice in New York, we have found some personal injury attorneys in Buffalo, NY who could be very helpful. They have created a lot of great online educational content that you or someone you love may find valuable if you have been hurt in a construction accident in New York. Take a look at their online construction accident resource page.