Basic Car Accident Questions

Basic Car Accident Questions

Basic Car Accident Questions

If you have been seriously injured in a car crash you may be wondering what happens next. Our injury lawyer answers your basic car accident questions.

Basic Car Accident Questions | How Much is My Case Worth?

Every client that I’ve had asks me what the value of their case is. The answer will vary because every case is independent, and every case is special. A lot of times, people will judge the value of a case purely on the medicals. However, there are other things that are called intangible damages – this is the mental anguish, physical impairment, and physical injuries that the person sustained. That too has value. Intangible damages are important because as you go through the litigation process, we place value on it and show, if necessary, a judge and jury the value of those damages. Because each case varies, it all depends on the severity of the crash and injuries.

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Basic Car Accident Questions | How Long Will My Case Take?

I recently had a client come in who was involved in a serious crash. They said to me, “Hector, I can’t go back to work. My injuries are pretty severe, and I can’t do the physical labor that I’m required to do at work.” Unfortunately, with severe damages, we are not just talking about the physical aspect or the pain you are in. These damages also impact your employment and ability to earn wages.  It’s difficult because people are going to have to suffer the long-term consequences of those injuries, whether it be their job, their family or their own lives.

Lawsuits and claims like these don’t resolve over night; they take time. I tell clients to be as patient as they possibly can be. The length of a car accident claim may take anywhere from a year or longer. It all depends on the severity of the injuries and taking the time to make sure we truly understand the injuries that they suffered as a result of the crash. I ask them to do their very best in terms of treating the injuries and then also trying to get back to work. It is important that they are working with their employers on making accommodations to allow them to get back, so they can earn money.

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