How a Construction Accident Attorney Can Help

How a Construction Accident Attorney Can Help

How a Construction Accident Attorney Can Help

Do you want to know how a construction accident attorney can help you? Because of the uniquely high rate of construction accident-related injuries in the Houston metropolitan area, local personal injury law firms are well-versed in representing clients whose injuries resulted from negligence. Construction workers may be hesitant at first to reach out to personal injury attorneys because of matters like cost, other priorities, or fear over losing their jobs. Pedestrians who were injured on construction sites can blame themselves for their injuries, brushing off major ailments as resulting from their own doing, and may believe that a construction accident injury attorney would never want to hear their cases. The truth is that there is no harm in seeking help, and attorneys with substantial backgrounds in personal injury law will work hard to advocate for their clients.

How a Construction Accident Attorney Can Help | Gathering Documents

Before an initial consultation with a personal injury attorney, it is of paramount importance to be prepared, to provide a wealth of documentation, and to be ready to move quickly with legal proceedings. Once you have been injured, as soon as you receive appropriate medical care, it is your time to begin taking action. Gather the contact information of any witnesses who either saw the accident or were present when medical personnel were called. Request and keep several copies of all your medical charts and relevant bills. Return to the scene of the accident as early as possible to take photos. You may not be able to speak to employees of the contractor responsible for the construction site, but if you create and maintain a sizable collection of documents, collecting statements from other employees at the scene of the accident will become a lesser concern. Do not take too long to gather all these documents, though, as prompt action is key.

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How a Construction Accident Attorney Can Help | Free Consultation

When you have recovered from the worst of your ailments, you should make it a priority to seek the advice of a construction accident injury attorney. Make sure that you show up to the consultation with as many documents as you can, as your attorney will be able to identify what will and what will not help your case. Any detail may prove helpful; a photo of the construction site can show an unsafe condition, and a note from a doctor will demonstrate the full extent of your injuries. Remember that mental trauma is just as important as physical conditions are, and a diagnosis from a psychologist can underscore the severity of the accident’s effects.

How a Construction Accident Attorney Can Help | Take the Stress of the Case Off of You

Pursuing legal action after an injury on a construction site may feel intimidating, but you need to consider your health. If inadequate safety precautions led to your injuries, it is the contractor overseeing the construction site who is responsible, and you should not have to bear the physical, emotional, and financial costs of the accident. Dedicated construction accident lawyer Hector Longoria has years of experience representing clients from the Greater Houston metro area in personal injury cases, and we vow to work tirelessly to get you the compensation that you deserve.

How a Construction Accident Attorney Can Help | Call Today

If you’ve been hurt in a construction accident, call Hector now to fight for you. Because of his extensive experience in these types of cases, Hector understands the physical, emotional and financial burdens that come with an auto accident or injury. His goal is to help you and lessen the stress. Hector will deal with the insurance companies, adjusters, and defense lawyers to make sure your rights are being protected.