Common Causes of Industrial Accidents

Common Causes of Industrial Accidents

Common Causes of Industrial Accidents

Common Causes of Industrial AccidentsWorking in a warehouse, on a construction site, at a chemical plant or at an oil refinery can sometimes lead to a worker experiencing devastating injuries or even death. Most of the time, the workers stay safe, thanks to a network of state and federal laws, as well as company policies aimed to protect the workers. But sometimes accidents happen, and workers may be exposed to risks that no one yet knows about or understands. Other times, companies simply don’t care if their workers get hurt or sick. And on a few unfortunate occasions, a company decides that it’s simply cheaper to replace an injured or dead worker rather than keep an existing worker safe. Here is some information on the common causes of industrial accidents in Houston.

Common Causes of Industrial Accidents | Examples

Industrial accidents can have single or multiple causes. Sometimes these cannot be controlled and are simply random occurrences. But often, they are the result of someone’s carelessness or negligence. And on occasion, they occur due to the malicious actions of others. Industrial accidents have occurred as a result of:

  • Industrial pollution.
  • Equipment malfunction.
  • Failure of safety equipment.
  • Horseplay in the workplace.
  • Inclement weather.
  • Inadequate safety rules and policies.
  • Collisions.

Sadly, many of these industrial accidents (as well as others not listed) are the result of someone not doing what they were supposed to do.

Common Causes of Industrial Accidents | Common Accidents

Basically, if the laws of physics allow for it, it can happen. Some of the more common accidents that can occur in the industrial setting include:

  • Fire.
  • Falling objects, materials or equipment.
  • Explosions.
  • Falls.
  • Structural collapse, such as with scaffolding or in a warehouse.
  • The slow or catastrophic release of chemicals or toxins.

Common Causes of Industrial Accidents | Injuries

Industrial accidents can occur almost anywhere, like an oil rig, a road, a refinery, a factory, a ship or a construction site. But no matter where they take or what causes the accident, industrial workers can experience any type of injury imaginable, including:

  • Lacerations.
  • Loss of body parts.
  • Death
  • Electrical, chemical or fire burns.
  • Serious illness, such as cancer.
  • Broken bones.
  • Loss of one’s senses, such as sight or hearing.
  • Back injuries.

If you or a loved one has been severely injured due to an industrial accident, contact our experienced Houston industrial accident lawyer today for a free consultation.  If you are hurt in an industrial accident, we will make sure your rights are protected and that you receive everything you’re entitled to under the law.

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