Getting Truck Accident Compensation

Getting Truck Accident Compensation

Getting Truck Accident CompensationAre you suffering from a serious injury following an accident with a commercial vehicle? Getting truck accident compensation that you deserve is possible with the help of an excellent Houston auto accident lawyer.

Getting Truck Accident Compensation | Truck Accident Trial

When we file a lawsuit on behalf of clients involved in 18-wheeler crashes, they ask us, “Are we going to go to trial?” I explain to them we always prepare to go to trial. We gather the evidence need for a truck accident trial. If necessary, we will try the case in front of the judge and a jury, to go seek those damages that were caused by the negligence of the truck driver and the trucking company.

Getting Truck Accident Compensation | Available Compensation

Before we start a lawsuit, we sit down with our clients and talk to them about the damages we can seek against the truck driver and company for the damages they caused. Each case is different and special. Some people will have lost wages. Other people will have what’s called loss of consortium because the injuries they suffered are so severe that it actually hurts their spouse. We have the mental anguish involved with having to deal with all the injuries that one suffers. We have the physical impairments, limitations caused by the injuries.  There are a lot of damages that we have to access to make sure that we can bring it before the judge and jury if necessary and go seek the truck accident compensation.

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Getting Truck Accident Compensation | Suable Parties

When I bring a lawsuit involving a truck crash, I often have clients who are curious about the suable parties in a truck accident. What I tell them is that we typically sue the defendant driver for violating the driving safety rules, but we also sue the trucking company that employed him and that gave him the truck that should have been maintained properly. That is because they should have done a background check on him before they gave him the truck. The trucking company is always responsible for the negligent acts of their drivers. Those are just two of potentially many more people that we can sue involved with the trucking company who can be held accountable and responsible for the negligent acts that caused the crash.

Are you hoping to be getting truck accident compensation because you were seriously injured? Our Houston auto accident injury lawyer Hector Longoria can help you. Please call our office today for a free consultation.