Basic Motorcycle Accident Information

Basic Motorcycle Accident Information

Basic Motorcycle Accident Information

Basic Motorcycle Accident InformationIf you have been seriously hurt while riding your motorcycle to no fault of your own, you are probably eligible for compensation. Here is some basic motorcycle accident information that you should look at before you call our office for a free consultation.

Basic Motorcycle Accident Information | Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Texas is a wonderful state for enjoying the open road on a motorcycle. But it’s also a dangerous place to ride. In 2016, there were almost 10,000 motorcycle accidents resulting in just under 500 motorcycle fatalities in the great state of Texas.

Motorcycle riders are at particular risk due to the lack of protection compared to those riding in a car or truck. Additionally, motorcycles are much smaller in size and therefore are easier for other drivers to miss. Consider how a typical motorcycle weighs less than 800 pounds, with most passenger cars weighing five times that. The laws of physics make it clear: when there is a collision between a motorcycle and car or truck, the motorcycle almost always loses. The consequences of this can be devastating for a motorcycle rider. Even a “minor” accident that should result in a fender bender between two cars with no injuries can result in permanent injuries like paralysis or even death for a motorcyclist.

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Basic Motorcycle Accident Information | Recovering from the Accident

If you ride a motorcycle in Houston or another part of Texas, this underscores the importance of staying safe on the road. But no matter how safe of a motorcycle rider you are, a motorcycle accident is still possible. Should you find yourself involved in one, you’re likely to have a lengthy medical recovery. This is bad enough by itself, but you’ll also have to deal with piling up medical bills and probably have to miss work until you’re healthy enough to leave the hospital. There’s nothing like financial pain and stress to worsen your physical injuries. And to make things even more difficult for you, you’re likely to deal with an insurance company that’s less than eager to fully compensate you for your injuries and property damage.

If you find yourself in a motorcycle accident, there’s a good chance you’ll need the legal services of a Houston motorcycle accident lawyer. Please call our office today for more help.