Who to Talk to After a Truck Accident

Who to Talk to After a Truck Accident

Who to Talk to After a Truck Accident

Are you wondering who to talk to after a truck accident? It’s hard to know who to trust, but our Houston truck accident attorney details what you should know.

Who to Talk to After a Truck Accident | Insurance Companies

At times, I have clients that come in and they have already been speaking to the truck’s insurance company or the trucking company’s insurance companies. It scares me because the information they are providing is not going to be used to help them. Typically, the trucking companies or the insurance companies are trying to gather information to use against the client, whether it be in terms of the liability of how the crash occurred, or with regard to the damages by saying they weren’t hurt after the crash. You should never, ever talk to the trucking company or insurance companies for the trucking companies. Go get a lawyer to help you with them. They’re professionals at what they do, and you need a professional to help you protect your rights.

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Who to Talk to After a Truck Accident | Seek an Attorney

Eighteen-wheeler crashes can be very devastating, considering the fact that these trucks can carry up to 80,000 pounds. After a truck accident, I tell clients that they need to get a lawyer immediately. Insurance companies and the truck companies are already on the scene, trying to do all things necessary to protect their interest. I tell clients they need somebody to protect their interests, preserve that evidence, and make sure that they don’t provide information that’s unnecessary to the insurance company or the trucking company. That’s why I say go get a lawyer as fast as possible.

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